Transcripts Made Easy: The Homeschooler’s Guide to High-School Paperwork Reviews

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When we think of high school, we often think about course credits, diplomas, and transcripts. These can leave a homeschool mom feeling overwhelmed – how can we provide our child with these documents usually “officially” created by a school? Transcripts Made Easy: The Homeschooler’s Guide to High School Paperwork from Everyday Education has all the answers.

Homeschool mom Janice Campbell wrote Transcripts Made Easy after she had to create a transcript for her oldest son. She’s since done more high school paperwork, researched transcripts and college admissions extensively, and updated her book.

Transcripts Made Easy is in its fourth edition and includes bonus chapters about special needs homeschooling and skills your child needs to succeed in their first year at university. Janice walks you through the entire process of documenting your child’s high school education, whether you are reading Transcripts Made Easy before your child starts high school or the day before your child needs a transcript. She includes examples and blank templates you can fill in, as well as information about what exactly colleges are looking for in transcripts – and why you, a homeschool mom, can create this document for your child.

Here’s the table of contents for Transcripts Made Easy:

Part 1
Meet the Transcript
What is a transcript?
Who needs a transcript?
Who will see the transcript?
What are the parts of the transcript?
Overview of the Transcript Process
Where to Start in This Book

Part 2
Plan with the End in Mind
What to Study in High School
Sample High School Requirements
Skills and Habits to Cultivate in High School
Scheduling Courses
Sample Four-Year Schedule for College-Bound Students
Standardized Tests to Consider
Seven Strategies for a Successful First Year at College
College Alternatives
Six Things Your Teen Can Do While Homeschooling High School
High School Q&A
Teaching Teens

Part 3
Keep Simple Records
High School Binder
Student Work Samples to Keep
How to Use Class Profile Sheets
How to Use Subject Worksheets
Naming Classes
Special-Needs Records and Transcripts with Judith Munday
Special Needs Resource Recommendations from Kathy Kuhl

Part 4
Grades, Credit, and the GPA
Grading Realistically and Ethically
Use Simple Credibility Clinchers
How To Grade Written Work
Writing Evaluation Rubric
Grading for Unschoolers and the Chronically Relaxed
Non-Grading Philosophy
Retrospective Grading
Define a Grading Scale
Assign Quality Points
How to Grant Credit
Granting Credit for Honors Classes
Granting Credit for AP, Dual Credit, or College-Equivalent Classes
Calculate a Grade Point Average

Part 5
Create the Transcript
How to Issue an Official Transcript
Transcript Formats and Examples
Horizontal Transcript Format
Vertical Transcript Formats
Sample: Vertical Transcript Organized by Subject
Sample: Vertical Transcript Organized by Semester
Sample: Vertical Format with Lines
Check-Off Transcript Format
Sample: Check-Off Transcript
High School Diploma Format
How to Create a High School Diploma
Text for Diploma

Part 6
References, Resources, and Reproducibles
Resources for Planning and Learning
Reproducible Forms

Transcripts Made Easy is available as a print edition for $24.95, ebook edition for $19.95, or as a print and ebook bundle for $34.95. Janice also offers email support with her book, so if you have any questions during or after reading, you can email her for more information!

Janice’s guarantee: “I promise that the simple instructions in Transcripts Made Easy, will help you manage your high-school paperwork and create a homeschool transcript you can be proud of. If you feel that TME has not delivered on this promise, you may return it for a refund. I want the best for you and your students!”

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