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Get ready to travel back in time… travel back to the time of knights, chivalry, quests, dragons. But wait, this isn’t your run of the mill knights and dragons series. This series holds a deeper meaning. It’s an allegory written to honor our Lord as King, to bring children closer to God and serving Him, and to teach children to guard their hearts.

While The Terrestria Chronicles series is written for kids 10 and up, it can be read by those who are younger and older. There are many lessons to be learned from the characters and stories in this book series. Parents (or youth leaders) can read the books separately from the kids and then hold discussions about reading. The study guide is wonderful for this purpose as it can help readers think deeper about the reading.

While many of the books today may spark kids imaginations, they do not always uplift the kids or teach good values and morals. The Terrestria Chronicles will capture the kids attention, spark their imagination, and teach them about our Lord and King. They have the strong potential to bring our kids closer to the Lord instead of leading them astray.

Please note: this series does need to be read in order.

Book One: The Sword, The Ring, The Parchment

In book one, readers are introduced to the Kingdom of Terrestria and its inhabitants, meet Argamor, an evil blacksmith, and Josiah, his slave, and follow Josiah as he is freed from slavery and becomes Prince Josiah, son of King Emmanuel. Readers will be drawn into the Kingdom of Terrestria and into young Josiah’s quest to truly understand what it means to be a child of the King. Book one includes a glossary, a castle facts guide, and an ABC guide to salvation.

Book Two: The Quest for Seven Castles

Book two begins one year after Josiah was freed from slavery by King Emmanuel. Josiah has grown considerably during his time at the Castle of Faith. King Emmanuel has decided that it is time for Prince Josiah to go on a quest. His quest will take him to seven different castles: The Castle of Virtue, The Castle of Knowledge, The Castle of Temperance, The Castle of Patience, The Castle of Godliness, The Castle of Brotherly Kindness, and The Castle of Charity. Along the way, Josiah faces many dangers and trials. King Emmanuel has provided everything Josiah needs for the journey. Josiah only needs to use the tools that have been given him…

Book Three: The Search for Everyman

In book three, we join Prince Josiah and his new friends Prince Selwyn and Princess Gilda as they are given a mission. They must find Everyman to deliver a pardon before Argamor has him executed. Everyman is being held in an undisclosed location, and they have only 3 weeks to find him and deliver the pardon. Argamor’s spies are everywhere, and they’ll do whatever it takes to stop the young princes and princess from achieving their mission…

Book Four: The Crown of Kuros

In book four, Josiah, in his impatience to get to the archery tournament, fails to lock the vault that contains the Crown of Kuros. Morphina, an evil enchantress, takes advantage of this opportunity and steals the Crown while disguised as Sir Faithful. When they learn of the Crowns disappearance, Prince Josiah and the other men of the Castle of Faith set out to find Morphina before she is able to give the Crown of Kuros to Argamor. While on the quest to find the crown, Prince Josiah must decide if he is going to give his heart fully and surrender his will completely to the King…

Book Five: The Dragon’s Egg

In book five, Prince Josiah, Prince Selwyn, and Princess Gilda rescue a peasant couple from their burning house. The peasants offer the young princes and princess a special gift to thank them for rescuing them, but all is not what it seems. When they realize that the gift is actually a dragon’s egg, a possession that is strictly forbidden by King Emmanuel, they decide to leave without the egg. Unfortunately, that isn’t the end of it for Prince Josiah as he finds himself mysteriously drawn back to the egg…

Book Six: The Golden Lamps

In book six, readers are introduced to new characters in the city of Hazah (meaning “to sleep”). The city, filled with young children, has come under attack by the knights of Argamor. The people of the city decide to petition King Emmanuel for a castle to protect them from Argamor’s attacks. They soon realize that building a castle takes a great deal of time, dedication, and sacrifice. When golden lamps are unearthed during the construction of the castle, strange things start to happen…

Book Seven: The Great War

In book seven, readers once again join up with Prince Josiah, Prince Selwyn, and Princess Gilda. Prince Josiah has now been a child of the King for 11 years. He and Princess Gilda are married and have a son. Prince Josiah continues to joyfully serve his King as the battle for Terrestria wages on. Josiah soon finds himself face-to-face with the most difficult battle yet…

Visits to Terrestria

This study guide includes questions for each of the seven books. It helps young readers and their parents get a better grasp of what is going on in the story, and how it applies to their lives. The thought provoking questions can lead to great discussions. The study guide would be a great way to incorporate these books into your family’s devotional time or to use these books in a group book discussion setting. An answer key is available as a free download on the website.

Some crew members received books from the companion series to the Chronicles of Terrestria, Tales from Terrestria.  Unlike the Terrestria Chronicles, this series does not need to be read in order.  They are stand alone books.

Tales from Terrestria is a seven book series (although not all books have been written at the time of this post).

***Special thanks to Crew Mate Heather for writing this introductory article,

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  1. A great message for children and adults. But may be a bit too much for the younger crowd…intense scenes and "hard-to-follow" situations

  2. We read these books as a family after supper and really enjoyed the adventure. I think these could be read to younger elementary children, but a child of 10 or more could read them on their own. Reading the Terrestria Series as a family has prompted some fantastic discussions around our table.

  3. We too hope to purchase the entire series! These are a new favorite in our family library and shall remain so for generations to come!

    ~ Becky from There Is Hope Blog


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