How Do You Organize Your Homeschool Space?

Space….the final frontier…oh wait! Wrong show!  We’re here to discuss our homeschool space not outer space. The question of the week “How Do You Organize Your Homeschool Space?” is an interesting one. I personally have home educated my children at the kitchen table, the living room couch, the formal dining room turned school room, all with books here, there, and everywhere, and now, thankfully, I have an entire media room – upstairs – turned into our school room / office and I can shut the doors and walk away from the {ahem} “organized chaos”. As for organization, well, I am obviously lacking in that area, so let’s learn more by reading the following posts:

~Debra from Footprints in the Butter – Who Me? Organize????

~Lisa from The Berry Patch – I’m Supposed to Organize it All Too?

~Angela from Minivan Moments – I’m Supposed to Organize My Homeschool???

~Lori from Loving Learning At Home – Unorganized, but in control!

~Heidi from Chatter, Clatter, And Things That Matter – My Homeschool Organizational Secret


This post was created by Tinab. Thanks for reading and please come back next week as we discuss “How do you find time for everything? (homeschool, housework, time alone, etc.).”


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