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Make Writing FUN!

The award winning handwriting program, Alphabet Beats, uses a multi sensory approach of visuals and rhythmic chants.   Most children learn best visually; so this unique tool co-developed by an occupational therapist, and a mother of two, uses a video modeling design that is easy to use and fun for children.

The program uses a DVD format (used on a computer or a television) with a user-friendly menu that allows any letter chapter to be selected instantly.  These 5-minute letter chapters feature the engaging character “Miss Marnie” who visually demonstrates appropriate letter formation through memorable rhythmic chants, and presents more than 8 vocabulary words that begin with each letter.

Alphabet Beats
•    Two DVD programs – one for UPPERCASE, and one for lowercase letters
•    Each program is over 2 hours in total length – watched in 5-minute letter chapter segments. A great value!
•    5-minute letter chapters include writing instruction PLUS more than 8 vocabulary words/letter.  Using real pictures and live action, concepts such as body parts, opposites, animals, self help skills, fine and gross motor skills, musical instruments, colors, community helpers, and so much more are all demonstrated within this program.
•    The program reinforces phonics and letter recognition.
•    UPPERCASE and lowercase programs have different vocabulary words and concepts — enhancing the child’s learning.
•    Writing workbooks and whiteboards are also available to compliment the program.
•    “Special needs” friendly – careful consideration of easy visuals, music, and video modeling has made this a winner for parents of children with Autism, ADD, & Down syndrome.

See what the Crew has to say about UPPER & LOWER CASE versions of Alpha Beats here:

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  1. I put this on for my 5 year old dd and my day care kiddo who is 4. They LOVED it! I think they watched all 26 letters!

  2. This is one of the BEST educational videos I have come across in my 14 years of homeschooling for teaching pre-schoolers. It's painless, fun and productive handwriting practice for the little guys.


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