Time4Writing Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Time4Writing. Time4Writing provides online one-on-one writing courses that are taught by certified teachers. The 8-week long courses are available for elementary through high school level students. Within the elementary, middle and high school grade level groupings, there are courses which are at a basic, intermediate, and advanced level. Time4Writing … Read more

Create Better Writers Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Create Better Writers. Create Better Writers made 3 of their eBooks available to Homeschool  Review Crew Members. How To Teach the Paragraph How To Teach the Five Paragraph Essay The Home School Writing Action Plan How to Teach the Paragraph is the newest edition to the Create Better Writers … Read more

Hewitt Homeschooling Review

This article is in collaboration with Hewitt Homeschooling. If you have been involved with homeschooling for any length of time, you have undoubtedly heard Hewitt Homeschooling and their Lightning Literature program mentioned more than once. Lightning Literature is available for junior and senior high (with programs for elementary grades coming soon!) and the Crew had … Read more

Write Shop Reviews

This article is in collaboration with WriteShop. WriteShop offers various writing programs for kindergarten through high school in order to teach homeschoolers how to write with confidence. Their programs provide your children with step by step instructions to build their writing skills. In itself, WriteShop is not a complete language arts program but one which … Read more

Write with WORLD

This article is in collaboration with Write With WORLD. Write with WORLD is a brand new writing curriculum from the publisher’s of God’s World News and World Magazine. The Old Schoolhouse Crew received year one of this 2 year program recommended for middle-school students. Write with WORLD was developed by education and media professionals so you … Read more

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