Plan the Best Part of Your Homeschool Day! (Circle Time Book Review)

Many times, homeschooling parents have one common lament: there’s not enough time to get to everything I want to do each day! Often it is the group time that is sacrificed for those things that *must* get done: phonics, math, grammar, etc. Sadly, it is the time spent together as a family that led many … Read more

Couponing Made Simple (Christi the Coupon Coach Review)

This article is in collaboration with Christi the Coupon Coavh. Christi the Coupon Coach has written a book called Couponing Made Simple with a purpose in mind.  She wanted to help other families learn how to save money by reducing their grocery bills.  As a homeschooling mom of four she knew what a sacrifice it … Read more

Create a Yearbook for Your Homeschool! (Picaboo Yearbooks Review)

For most, the school year has come to a close and we are starting to plan for next year.  But, before you move on, take a minute to look over the last year of school.  What were the highlights, the accomplishments, the things you don’t want to forget?  Do you have a way to preserve … Read more

Life Principles of the Happiest and Most Successful Among Us Review

This article is in collaboration with Ed Douglas Publications. The Homeschool Review Crew members have been reading 25 Truths: Life Principles of the Happiest and Most Successful Among Us from Ed Douglas Publications. Ed Douglas, CFP™ draws from his own experiences as a successful business man, author, financial planner, loving husband and father, and coach to inspire and motivate … Read more

Historical Fiction for Children (Goldtown Adventures Book Review)

Susan K. Marlow began writing stories when she was 10 years old. She obtained an elementary education degree and taught in Christian schools before homeschooling her children. Now over 20 years later she is “back in the saddle” helping homeschooling families by teaching writing workshops as well as writing good historical fiction books for kids. … Read more

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