Summer Staycationing

Leah @ As We Walk Along the Road — Summer Fun at Home But vacationing with four children isn’t always easy. And it is always expensive! So we also like to “staycation” by finding fun and inexpensive things to do around home in the summer. Holly @ Possibilities and Peas — 5 Fabulous Free  Field … Read more

Blog Cruise — Summer Family Fun

How is your summer going? Are you homeschooling through the summer, taking a much-needed break, or something in between? However you choose to schedule your time, we hope you’re taking time for some Summer Family Fun. This week, members of the Crew are sharing with you what their families are enjoying this summer. Come along with … Read more

Blog Cruise — Summer Staycation Ideas

Gas prices are high. Restaurant prices are ridiculous. Let’s not even talk about planes, hotels, and most “vacation” attractions. Most homeschool families are surviving on one income. Couple that with the crazy cost of everything just mentioned and many families are choosing to stay closer to home during vacation season. But, does that mean you … Read more

Blog Cruise ~ Beating the Summer Heat

I’m sure most of you have noticed, but IT’S HOT OUTSIDE! In the U.S., we are experiencing a record-breaking heat wave. Temps in the 100s across a good portion of the nation. Just walking outside in the middle of the day can leave you hot, sweaty, and grumpy. It your kids are anything like mine, … Read more

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