Blog Cruise ~ Beating the Summer Heat

I’m sure most of you have noticed, but IT’S HOT OUTSIDE! In the U.S., we are experiencing a record-breaking heat wave. Temps in the 100s across a good portion of the nation. Just walking outside in the middle of the day can leave you hot, sweaty, and grumpy.

It your kids are anything like mine, spending all day, every day indoors just isn’t an option. Just we’ve had to be careful and creative with summer play, so that as much as can be is squeezed out of the day, while staying safe from heat-related illness.

This week, the Crew is sharing some of their best ideas and tips for Beating the Summer Heat!

Jennifer M. @ A Glimpse of Our LifeOne Fine Evening in Virginia – Shenandoah River

Lori S. @ Special Connection HomeschoolBeating This Heat

“With temperatures over 100 degrees and very little respite of cool temps in between we are trying to figure out how to enjoy the summer in midst of all this heat.”

Cariann M. @ Unionvale HomeschoolSummer has finally arrived . . . now to beat the heat!

“So summer has been a long time coming here in Oregon and especially here in the Willamette Valley. Now that it is here, I don’t want to spend a fortune on the air conditioner and I want the boys to enjoy the sun as much as they can so how to beat the heat????”

Stefanie S. @ Life with My Giggly GirlsThere’s a Heat Wave Burning in My Town and Probably Yours

“Normally, we spend our summer in the water. We hit our community pool, play with water guns, hitting the splash pads at the zoo or botanical gardens, Water Country USA, and occasionally the beach. Unfortunately, with this extreme heat, these activities are not providing much relief. “

Heather A. @ Only Passionate CuriosityR is for River

“Every summer, the villages and castles along the Rhine River get together for something they call “Rhine in flammen”. They light up the castles, and set off fireworks, one town after the next.”

Tess H. @ Circling Through This LifeSummer Heat in the Pacific Northwest

“It almost feels like an oxymoron to type “heat” and “Pacific Northwest” in the same sentence.  While most of the rest of the USA broils with record high temps, (I had one Facebook friend post that the heat index for her area was 104 degrees!) our summer is just getting started.”

Cristi S. @ Through the Calm and Through the StormEnjoying a Break in the Heat

“This summer, however,  I’ve made a conscious decision not to complain about the heat. In about two weeks, we’re moving someplace that will likely be a whole lot hotter than where we are here. If I keep telling myself that it really isn’t hot, then maybe I’ll be better conditioned when we feel Arizona heat.”

Shanna C. @ Learning at His FeetBeating the Heat

“Last week the temperature was soaring past 100 degrees.  But work still had to be done…”

Tracey M. @ A Learning JourneyBeating the Summer Heat with States of Matter: Kayaking for Kids 101

“Kayaking is one way to stay cool on a hot summer day.  Find out how we turned our pretend kayaking into a science lesson. “

Lexi H. @ Lextin AcademyIce Play

“It is hot and miserable here right now.  When we’re not at the pool, the kids have been enjoying ice cubes on our patio!”

April B. @ Eclectic MontageFinding Fun Instead of Frying

Christine T. @ Our Homeschool ReviewsIt’s HOT Out There!

The SchoolHouse Review Crew is talking about ways of beating the summer heat…and this is perfect timing because it is HOT out there!”

Marcy @ Ben and Me10 Ways to Stay Cool When It’s HOT Outside!

“Honestly, I don’t like being stuck inside all the time either. So we’ve had to be somewhat creative with ways to spend time outdoors, while being as safe and comfortable as possible. I thought I would share some of our tips with you today. “

Thanks for stopping by this week’s Blog Cruise. How is your family Beating the Summer Heat? Leave us a comment with your ideas, too!

Join us next week when we discuss keeping the vacation budget low with Summer Staycation Ideas!

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