Blog Cruise — Summer Staycation Ideas

Gas prices are high. Restaurant prices are ridiculous. Let’s not even talk about planes, hotels, and most “vacation” attractions. Most homeschool families are surviving on one income. Couple that with the crazy cost of everything just mentioned and many families are choosing to stay closer to home during vacation season.

But, does that mean you can’t have a vacation at all? We think not! This year, why not take a few days and enjoy a staycation! A few of members of the Homeschool Review Crew are here to share some ideas with you about how you can stay close to home and still enjoy some family vacation time!

Lexi @ Lextin AcademySummer Staycation: Living Room Camp-out

“So while we’ve had lots of fun exploring our new city, we’ve also had to be creative with activities for apartment life.  So, we had a little mini-retreat this past week and the kids enjoyed a living room camp out.”

Shanna @ Learning at His FeetNeed a Staycation? Think Field Trip!

“So is there an inexpensive alternative that still includes summer family fun and keeps the car mileage low?  I think so!  Instead of thinking like you’re planning a vacation, think like you’re planning a field trip!”

Tess @ Circling Through This LifePreparing for a Summer Vacation er uh Staycation

“We can’t go anywhere but I still need a vacation.  My husband needs a vacation and he has “use it or lose it leave” accrued.  My children do need a fun break from school.  What to do?  Have a staycation of course!”

Birdhouse hanging from tree in sunshine

Marcy @ Ben and MeBen and Nana’s Louisville Staycation

“Every August, Mom would take Ben for 3 days, so that I could have time to work on school planning. She would pick him up on Monday and bring him back home on Thursday. ”

Thanks for stopping by this week’s Blog Cruise. Is your family enjoying a Summer Staycation this year? We’d love to hear all about it. Feel free to share with us in the comments section below!

Join us next week when we share even more ideas for Summer Family Fun!

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