K5 Learning Reviews

This article is in collaboration with K5 Learning. Are your students where they need to be in math and reading? Would your child benefit from some extra spelling and vocabulary practice? Could you use some help getting them there? The Crew is certainly no stranger to this and has been working on all of this … Read more

Forbrain Review

This article is in collaboration with Forbrain. Does your child need help with speech fluency? Or does your teen need to practice speaking? Perhaps you want to learn to speak more clearly yourself. Forbrain from Forbrain – Sound for Life Ltd may be just the thing you need. The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew got the … Read more

Tips and Tricks to Help Ease Stress with Autism and the Holidays

The holidays can be stressful enough on their own. Thanksgiving leads right into Christmas, then there’s New Year’s on top of that. Add autism to the mix, and the stress levels can skyrocket! Over the years, I’ve developed my own strategies for dealing with the stress of the holidays with autism.  The Magic of the … Read more

Using Virtual Worlds in Your Special Needs Homeschool

Most wouldn’t imagine using a virtual world such as “World of Warcraft” in their daily homeschool schedule, but perhaps you should. Virtual Worlds are built upon many of the same social theories we encounter in our every day, real world lives. As a result, they can be fantastic resources for helping students with special needs, … Read more

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