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Does your child need help with speech fluency? Or does your teen need to practice speaking? Perhaps you want to learn to speak more clearly yourself. Forbrain from Forbrain – Sound for Life Ltd may be just the thing you need. The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew got the chance to review Forbrain. But just what is this award-winning device?

Forbrain is a specialized product designed to train your brain. Using bone conduction and a dynamic filter, the lightweight device creates an auditory feedback loop. This means you hear yourself speak more clearly than when you just listen yourself speak as you normally do. The headset works to increase memory, sensory processing, and attention, all of which can lead to improved speech and confidence.

Forbrain is used to train the brain to be more attentive in all areas. It helps improve short term memory, speech fluency and rhythm, and pronunciation. All of these skills impact reading, writing, and speaking.

Using Forbrain for just six to ten weeks for 15 to 20 minutes a day can lead to an improvement in how the brain functions and how clearly you can speak. Forbrain can be used while your children read aloud to help them improve their speech. Or it can be used while singing, working on memorization, or anything else that requires speaking. Even just chatting about your day works!

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Thank you to Crystal from Homeschool Dreams for writing this introductory article.

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