The Value of Gardening in Education

Whether it is a few pots on back porch or an acre of land carefully planned out in February, having a garden is an incredible asset to your family’s education. Even though I remember a time without cell phones or computers, my children never will. With all the extreme changes our culture continues to experience, … Read more

Health and Nutrition Basic Set Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Apologia Educational Ministries. High school students are required to take a variety of classes and it can be hard to find just the right curriculum for certain courses.  This is especially true when you are searching for curriculum for classes that cover sensitive topics such as Health.  This is … Read more

Ten Reasons Why Hiking Counts as Schooling

Living on the road full-time with our eight kids, we have more hiking opportunities than the average foundation-based family. The swell (yes, swell) aspect of hiking is that we can count it as a school day. Skeptical? Allow me to make a believer out of you with these “hike-schooling” subject areas: 1. Geology Regardless of … Read more

Health Education Products for K-8 Reviews

This article is in collaboration with MarshMedia. Do you find some topics are just more challenging to cover in your homeschool? Topics related to health such as puberty, hygiene and social skills may even be met with resistance from growing kids. Of course, they’re necessary topics to cover! Since 1969 MarshMedia has offered educational DVD’s, … Read more


This article is in collaboration with Koru Naturals. How excited would you be if your high-quality beauty oils could come from plant-based ingredients instead of animals? The members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were given that exact opportunity from Devonian, a newcomer to the natural beauty world, with their introduction of GREEMU, a green alternative … Read more

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