The Hidden Message of the Great Seal Reviews

This is sponsored content. Do you believe that there is a mission and calling upon every American? As you read The Hidden Message of the Great Seal: How Foundational Truth From The Dawn Of Liberty May Rescue A Republic In Peril, you will see there is a trust every one of us has inherited as … Read more

Psalms for my Day, 30 Prophecies: One Story & Not If, But When Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Christian Focus. Christian Focus has a laser like focus on communicating the message of God’s word through the books they publish.  Since 1970, they have published books from authors all over the world, as well as publishing in over 70 languages! They have a deep dedication to biblically-accurate children’s … Read more

The Easter Storybook Reviews

This post is in collaboration with David C. Cook. David C. Cook publishes an array of products, these include music, books, curriculum, Bible studies, and resources for adults and children alike. Among these is The Easter Storybook: 40 Bible Stories Showing Who Jesus Is, a great way to show children the life of Jesus Christ. … Read more

Venturing with God in Congo Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Conjurske Publications. Reading about a missionary’s life can sometimes so inspire and impact a young person to make that choice to give all for the Lord. Darrell Champlin’s memoirs, captured in the work Venturing with God in Congo published by Conjurske Publications, is a work that can be part … Read more

Carole P. Roman’s History, Geography, Bedtime & Captain No Beard Series Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Carole P. Roman. Do your children ever wonder what it would be like to live in another time or place? Maybe they love stories of princesses, pirates, and great adventures. If this is your family, then you will want to check out the books by Carole P. Roman. Our … Read more

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