Love, Honor, and Virtue AND No Longer Little Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Great Waters Press and Raising Real Men. Parents of tweens know only too well that the most formidable years are right in front of them. Hormones, attitudes, changing voices, oh my! As much as you want to scream, yell, and throw away the key, how you handle this time … Read more

Parenting Made Practical Reviews

This is sponsored content. Do you struggle with some areas of parenting?  If you said yes, Parenting Made Practical may be just what you need. The goal of Parenting Made Practical is to “Encourage and equip parents to practically raise obedient, respectful, and responsible children in today’s world.” They do this by offering parenting resources … Read more

Manhood Journey Father’s Starter Kit Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Manhood Journey & City on a Hill Studio. One of the daunting challenges parents face in today’s works is how to handle the transition of their sons from boyhood to manhood while excluding outside influences from today’s society while upholding the Biblical principals we want our sons to follow. … Read more

On the third day of Christmas Giveaways . . .

 This giveaway has ended! Congratulations to our winners: Marsha N. Julie C.  Sharon M.    On the third day of Christmas Giveaways, THREE winners will receive . . . an incredible bundle from Raising Real Men! To enter, use the Rafflecopter below and don’t forget to enter the giveaways for Day 1 and Day 2!   … Read more

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