ABeCeDarian Interactive Review

This article is in collaboration with the ABeCeDarian Company. Teaching our children to read is one of the most foundational things we teach them. ABeCeDarian Company can help parents with this task. The research-based, multi-sensory “decoding” approach that ABeCeDarian Company has developed focuses on phonemics awareness, phonics, and fluency in order to give a comprehensive … Read more

Teach Your Children to Read with a Multi-Sensory Decoding Program Review

ABeCeDarian Reading Program is “a research-based, explicit, comprehensive, multi-sensory decoding program.”  It focuses on phonemics awareness, phonics, and fluency. ABeCeDarian is divided into 4 levels. Crew members with young readers have been using the first two levels of the program. Level A is for nonreaders or very beginning readers. Level B is for students reading at … Read more

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