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Teaching our children to read is one of the most foundational things we teach them. ABeCeDarian Company can help parents with this task. The research-based, multi-sensory “decoding” approach that ABeCeDarian Company has developed focuses on phonemics awareness, phonics, and fluency in order to give a comprehensive reading base for all ages, beginning readers to adult.

Now, to make learning anywhere even easier, the ABeCeDarian Interactive A Workbook is available in an interactive version that can be used on electronic devices like the iPad, Kindle Fire, or similar devices. The Interactive Workbook can also be used on a computer.

The ABeCeDarian Interactive A Workbook covers all lessons and activities that are included in the printed version of Workbooks A1 and A2, but in an easy-to-use, interactive format. Word puzzles, spelling lists, handwriting exercises, and spelling word practice are all included in the interactive workbook. The digital version can be used as a supplement to the printed Student Workbooks A1 and A2 or can be used as a replacement for them.

The ABeCeDarian Interactive A Workbook is to be used with the full engagement of the parents or teacher allowing the child to go through the lessons as they would with the printed materials; however, the exercises and puzzles are completed on their electronic devise in the Interactive Workbook instead of in the printed workbook.

The Level A Interactive Workbook is designed to be used with students that are non-readers or very beginning readers that need to develop a good foundation for reading. In Level A, the lessons focus on combining sounds (blending), sound segmenting, letter/sound correspondences, reading and spelling. Lessons progress to include two-letter combinations such as sh, ch, th, and ck. There in an electronic Teacher’s Manual available to guide the parents or teacher through teaching the lessons. Additionally the Storybooks for Level A are also available in digital format, which are necessary for completion of the Level A program.

When students have completed Level A, he or she will be able to read more than 100 words and text at rates of 40 or more words correct in a minute. Connect with ABeCeDarian Company on their website or Facebook to learn more about their company and their products.

A big thank you to Tawnee H from Adventures in Homeschooling for writing this introductory article.

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