Tackle Homeschool Math Curriculum with Math Mammoth

This article is in collaboration with Math Mammoth.

Are you looking for a homeschool math curriculum? Look no further than Math Mammoth.

Math Mammoth is a staple in the homeschooling math community. The company, founded and run by math master and homeschool mom Maria Miller, has been around since the early 2000s and was designed with homeschoolers, specifically in mind. Ms. Miller has a master’s degree in mathematics and taught math before becoming a homeschool mom (a story many homeschool moms share). So when she realized that there was a learning gap in some homeschool kids she was tutoring, she decided to create a homeschool math curriculum with those kids – and their moms – in mind. The idea was to explain the concepts behind the math, not just the “how to” in solving the problems. 

Homeschool Math Curriculum

For the past several weeks, Crew members have been using Math Mammoth products in their own homes. Each member received one complete grade level and one supplemental product.

Math Mammoth Light Blue Series

The Light Blue series is a complete homeschool math curriculum. If you purchase this, you quite literally will not need anything else to teach the math concepts to your children. The worktexts are designed to teach and practice in one handy book. The math is taught in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-teach format (remember, Ms. Miller wrote them with the non-math homeschool mom in mind). Once the concepts are introduced and explained, there are many opportunities for children to get some good practice.

The books are separated by grade; the Light Blue series is currently available for grades 1-7 in the US, International, and South African versions. There is also a Canadian version available for grades 1-3. The books are available as digital downloads, a CD-ROM, or printed books, and each grade is separated into two books (first and second semester). Each level also includes answer keys, tests, a worksheet maker, and more. 

Because the books are a text and workbook in one, it is essentially an “open and go” curriculum. All you need is the books (or printouts, if you have gone the digital route), a pencil, and your student. The concepts in Math Mammoth are mastery-oriented, so you will not see much skipping around different topics. To learn the skills they need to move on successfully, a student stays in one area for a long time. 

Homeschool Math Curriculum

Math Mammoth Blue Series

The Blue Series is a supplemental homeschool math curriculum. This means that instead of being everything you need for the entire year of math instruction, you get specific topics taught in-depth. This is beneficial if you already have a strong math curriculum you are already using, but your student needs a little more help on certain sections of the math they are learning. It also provides an excellent source to help students who are behind and need extra practice to get caught up or as a review to refresh their memories (before a state-mandated standardized test, for example).

Instead of being organized by grade level and sold as one big book, the blue series is broken down by subject, and the books are much smaller. So, for example, you can buy just the “place value for first grade” book if that is all you need, without being tied to the entire first-grade curriculum. Because of this format, the prices are much lower than the light blue series.

Homeschool Math Curriculum

Math Mammoth Skills Review Workbooks

The Skills Review Workbooks are designed to complement the Light Blue Series perfectly. Each chapter of the Light Blue Series has additional worksheets. There are 70-100 worksheets in each book, and they line up precisely with the Light Blue Series of the same grade level. If you have multiple children using Math Mammoth, you can get a bundle discount (33% off) when you buy the “lower grades” or “upper grades” Skills Review Workbooks all at once. Because these books are just extra worksheets for additional practice, they have a lower price point than the full light blue curriculum.

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Special thanks to Wendy at Ladybug Daydreams for writing this introductory article.

Crew members have been using this homeschool math curriculum for about six weeks now, so they all have a great understanding of the program and how it works. Click any of the links below to read specific experiences with individual grade levels of Math Mammoth!

Homeschool Math Curriculum

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