Marvel at God’s Creation with a New Devotional For Children

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We all want to see our children develop great faith. A good devotional for children can be a simple way to encourage our children to explore the Word of God for themselves. After all, it is one thing to know of the  Lord; it is another thing entirely for us to know Him for ourselves. 

Marvel at God's Creation with a New Devotional for Children

As our children learn and grow, perhaps the most vital thing for their life is to be able to recognize God’s presence all around them. One of the most beautiful ways to do this is using the book: The Wonder of Creation: 100 More Devotions About God and Science authored by Louie Giglio with Tama Fortner and illustrated by Nicola Anderson and from Indescribable Kids series. 

The cover of The Wonder of Creation

Tommy Nelson Books published The Wonder of Creation: 100 More Devotions About God and Science. Tommy Nelson is the children’s division of Thomas Nelson, publishing materials designed to increase our children’s faith and develop their relationship with God.

Louie Giglio is the Pastor of Passion City Church and developer of the Passion Movement, which he created to call a  generation to live their lives for the glory of Jesus. There is also the fabulous Indescribable Kids which offers numerous educator guides and activity books to help draw our children into a deeper love for the Lord.  That sounds like a fabulous mission for our kids to embrace! 

Devotionals Are A Blessing

 An every day devotional for children can be a real blessing when training our children in the way they should go. A colorful and straightforward reading points them to something extraordinary God created in our world. There are verses and prayers and so many activities that can be lots of fun in helping our children develop that hunger and thirst for God’s wisdom. 

  • What do the kinkajou and the okapi have to do with increasing our faith? 
  • Where is the 400-foot “ice ship,” and what is it doing there? 
  • How is the ocean like a gigantic salty wet cake? 
  • How do we know what we are really feeling? 
  • Why does it matter if the world knows life is good? 
  • Who or what is shaping your life?   
  • Why so sensitive Mimosa Pudica? 
Child looking at a page of The Wonder of Creation Devotional for Children

Develop Your Faith With Explore the Wonder

If you have a science-loving child, this is a devotional that you want to make a part of your home library. Full of daily readings that build your faith as you learn some mind-blowing facts about animals, space, Earth, and people! There are many amazing revelations for our children to learn from and apply to their own faith walk. 

Every devotion draws you in with its fun page design and great photography! Explore the Wonder sparks our children’s curiosity, and the simple prayers included can aid our children in developing their personal prayer life.  

Every page is alive and inspiring. With devotionals like this one, our children are sure to develop their enthusiasm and passion for God’s creation as they explore all 100 devotions within this book and see more and more of God’s great love and power. 

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