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As Christian homeschoolers, we want to infuse our hearts and the hearts of our children with Scripture.  We do this by memorizing Bible verses.  The Bible Memory App PRO from makes it easy!

Memorize Bible Verses

Memorize Bible Verses Using Three Learning Styles

The Bible Memory App – Bible Memory PRO incorporates Kinesthetic Memory, Visual Memory, and Audio Memory.   Both the free version and PRO version use the three-step Kinesthetic process for memorization.

The first step is Type It.  The Bible Memory App includes three options for Typing Mode. The first option is typing the first letter of each word.  The second option is Type Everything Speed, and the third option is Type Everything Accuracy. In this step, all the words are visible. This is because you are learning by typing. Other typing options include choices for the verse reference and punctuation.

The second step is Memorize.  Again, you’ll type the verse, but some words will be missing. Each time you practice, the app will change which words are visible and missing.

In the final step, Master, all the words are missing, and you must type the entire verse (or the first letter of every word in the verse).

Auditory and Visual Learning 

In addition to the Kinesthetic approach as the backbone to memorize Bible verses, the Bible Memory App PRO includes a feature to record your verses and then play it back again for review.

PRO also includes flashcards and an option to draw an image you associate with the verse.  This image will appear on the flashcards and the verse as you type.  The flashcards and the image provide a visual component.

Memorize Verses and Be Rewarded makes memorizing fun! As you learn verses, chapters, and books of the Bible, you earn points, collect badges, and have the opportunity to make the rankings leader board. awards badges for the number of verses memorized and also for things such as starting a verse collection, using flashcards, or recording a verse.

Memorize Bible Verses

Other Features

With the Scripture Memory Bible feature, you can memorize and review your verses as you read. The verses are color-coded and underlined. For example, verses unlined in green indicated mastery, whereas gray means not yet memorized.  Red unlined verses are memorized but not yet mastered.

The Scripture Memory Bible includes The King James Version. Other Bible versions are available for a license fee. The Homeschool Review Crew chose one version from these four choices.

  • Bible Memory PRO with Full ESV
  • Bible Memory PRO with Full NIV
  • Bible Memory PRO with Full NASB
  • BIble Memory PRO with Full CSB

PRO allows you to switch between different Bible versions, though there is a fee for each version. In addition, offers a PRO Bundle that includes multiple versions of the Bible.  

Use Alone or With a Group

 Each Pro Account allows you to add up to three more accounts so you can memorize Bible verses as a family! In addition, you can start or join a group to work together on your memorizing goals. The Bible Memory App PRO is a fun and easy way to memorize Bible verses.

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Memorize Bible Verses with

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  1. Thanks for the great review of this app! I’ve actually had this PRO version for a year or two and didn’t even know about the Flashcards section and the recording. Just never paid attention enough to what else was available in the memory verse page I guess, but just checked it out on my phone and see it all there 🙂

    Glad I took a read through this even though I’m already a happy PRO user!


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