Spotlight on the Crew — Homeschooling and the Military Family

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For the last 14 years we have been a homeschooling family.  In that time alone we have lived in Florida, New Mexico, Colorado, Alabama, North Dakota, Wyoming and now Virginia.  In 9 months we will be on the road again and yes, that is life in the military. 

The military life can be very challenging but homeschooling in the military – even more so.  Every time we move, the homeschool rules change with the new state!  Some states are easy – sign on the line and start school.  Others are more difficult – sign up under a “cover school”, send in your life history, complete mandatory testing, and more.  Ugh!  I have learned the best place to turn when we move is the Home School Legal Defense Association.  They allow you to look up your state and easily find all of its homeschool requirements.

Despite the challenges, I still believe my kiddos have been blessed in many ways to be homeschooled while their Dad serves our County.

1-    My kiddos meet and make friends FAST!  After all, time is of the essence since we will be moving soon.

2-    My kiddos know their geography well.  Remember, we have at least seen, if not lived in many of those states.  Our memories are often wrapped up in “oh, that was when we lived in…”  Even the littlest will ask, “Is that when we were in Wyoming or Virginia?”

3-    We are able to experience living history rather than just reading about things in a history book.  Our moves have taken us to places close to Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Yellowstone, Washington, DC, Williamsburg, and Jamestown to name a few.  Instead of spending tons of money traveling to those places, we just take advantage of an area and what it has to offer, knowing it could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

4-    My kids do not have socialization issues.  J  Ok, I do not think any homeschoolers have socialization issues but really – our kids can play with any age and talk with any age.  They’ve had to!  Sometimes we are blessed to be in a neighborhood full of kids.  Other times, well, we might as well have been living on an island.

5-    We are a close family!  As my second daughter says, “Your family is your greatest asset!”  Remember that island?  Well, an island or two have brought us closer together.  Keep in mind, when you homeschool there are times when you are together 24/7.  When you only have one another you realize how important each member of the family is and how much you mean to each other.  Not a bad lesson to learn.

6-    My kids can do school anywhere!  Desk in the house, on a cardboard box doubling as a table until the real one gets delivered, in a RV for 6 weeks!  Because we are on the road often, they have learned to take what they need and get it done.  Flexibility is the name of the game, and my children have learned it well!

7-    We have found consistency in homeschooling.  Personal and academic.  There have been times in our lives that we moved enough to have our kids in three different schools in one year.  By schooling them at home, the rules and standards do not change, nor do mom and dad’s expectations.

Is homeschooling for everyone?  No.

Is the military for everyone?  No

But the combination of the two has been a unique situation for us, both a learning opportunity and a growing experience for our family – an experience we would not trade for the world!



Michele Pleasants is a homeschooling mom of 4 with the oldest in her first year in college.  You can read about their military moving, God loving, homeschool adventures on her blog Family, Faith and Fridays.




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  1. As another homeschooling military family, I read so much of my family in what you wrote. I agree that a homeschooling lifestyle partnered with a military life may not be for everyone, but it has amazing for us, as well. I moderate a facebook page ( and I’d love to have you “like” us. We’re still growing, but your experience would be so helpful to new families that have questions. Again, a really great article on the wonderful benefits that come from being a homeschooling military family!


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