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This article is in collaboration with Dayspring Christian Academy.

Dayspring Christian Academy is a Principle Approach School located in Mountville, PA. The Principle Approach model is one based on biblical principles  with the purpose of restoring America to her heritage.

In recent months, Dayspring launched on online class, The Pilgrim Story. The Homeschool Review Crew was given a full 6-month subscription to this self-paced course, designed for grades 3-6.

The Pilgrim Story teaches children about one of the most important times in our nation’s history. It is America’s foundation. This self-guided, interactive history course teaches students the true history of the Pilgrims from original sources. The Principle Approach method of education is used, which holds a providential view of history. Students are taught the importance of Christian character and other biblical principles, such as self governance, hard work, and perseverance. Students also learn the biblical principles of Christian liberty.

Lessons include: King Henry, Geneva Bible, Liberty of Conscience, Leaving Leiden, Conditions on the Mayflower, Building Christian Character, the Mayflower Compact, and much more. Students witness the providence of God in the lives of the Pilgrims and the founding of America. This interactive, self-paced course consists of five units totaling 17 lessons complete with assessments and ideas for further study.

Access to The Pilgrim Story begins within 48 hours of purchase, and continues for 6 months after registration. Classes do not meet at certain times, but are instead available at your convenience. The class format is audio, with a visual slide presentation. Along with the these lessons, you will also find notebooking pages, crafts, mapping and other activities, and quizzes along the way. The course culminates in a virtual field trip to to Plymouth, MA, led by Pilgrim expert, Mary Stauffer, a teacher at Dayspring and the author of this course.

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