Do your  children struggle with spelling?  Have you been looking for a fun and innovative way to help them?  If so, then SpellQuizzer may be exactly what you are looking for.

The creator of SpellQuizzer, Dan Hite, has this to say about SpellQuizzer: " SpellQuizzer is simple and narrowly focused: it helps children practice their spelling words. With SpellQuizzer you make custom spelling lists by making a sound recording of each word as it is added to the list. The software is then used by the child to practice their spelling. It corrects the student each time a word is misspelled with an amusing prompt showing them the correct spelling. When the student finishes the list it offers to re-quiz them on the words they missed. Since you create your own lists you can record words using your own voice and even make some entertaining recordings to keep the practice fun. It really made a difference for my own kids as they worked to master their own ‘problem words’."

The Crew will be sharing their reviews of this spelling program here:

17 thoughts on “SpellQuizzer”

  1. OK, I have to admit when I got SpellQuizzer to review I was very skeptical. I thought, man it will take my son forever to do a 20 word/sentence spelling test (yes, I give him sentences with the spelling word in it to type out. This works on punctuation and capitalization too). I did not think it would be worth the money or time to input the spelling words each time! Well, I was both right and wrong. Yes it does take him a bit longer on the computer then to write it on paper, but well worth it. Why you ask? Great question! He is learning keyboarding! Killing two birds with one stone. Plus he associates the computer with a fun time so this was perfect. When I introduced it to him he was excited that he did not have to write out his spelling words anymore!


  2. Another skeptic here! However it really gave my children a concrete way to practice their spelling words that they found fun. I want my children to love to learn and this has been one way we are achieving that!

  3. Surprised by this program on all levels. SpellQuizzer will give years of value regardless of which spelling program you use in your homeschool. I really liked that there were so many ways to adapt the program for uses other than "spelling" — especially to practice vocabulary in subject areas.

    Diane Allen NC

  4. A great program for review of Spelling or vocabulary words. It's like a personal study buddy on your computer.

  5. At first I just used this for spelling, but now we're using it for vocabulary practice and other flashcard-type drills.

    Thanks, TOS Crew, for the suggestions!

  6. I really like the SpellQuizzer program. It will be great for my children to be able to do spelling independently including practice and tests!

  7. The review is up, Mama's happy,and Hummingbird's spelling is improving! All in all, I'd say this has been really fun! 🙂

    Lisa @ Isn't Normal Just a Setting on the Washer

  8. My family loved reviewing this product. In the little time that we had to review, I could see my boys spelling skills did improve and they retained the information easier. When my free trial ends and have a little extra money-we plan on purchasing the spelling software! Thanks for letting us review!

    Jessica S. (A Mother of Action)


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