Talking Shapes A Talking Fingers Inc. Review

This article is in collaboration with Talking Fingers, Inc. When teaching children to read, it’s fundamentally important to teach letters and their corresponding phonograms. For many children this process is extremely repetitive, so a product like Talking Shapes from Talking Fingers, Inc. is a great resource to engage students in a fun, interactive way. Talking … Read more

Talking Shapes App for iPad (Talking Fingers App Review)

Talking Fingers, Inc. has developed an interactive learning program for preschool readers called Talking Shapes. Talking Shapes is a research-proven program created by neuropsychologist Dr. Jeannine Herron and funded in part by a research grant from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD).  Using pictures as mnemonic devices, it introduces the all … Read more

App Schooling – iOS and Android apps

Homeschooling in today’s techno age can be both a blessing and a frustration. Apps for iOS and Android platforms appear daily and it can be incredibly difficult to find ones that are worth using. Many of us just do not have the time to find great Apps to help our children learn that are not … Read more

Cultivating Art Talent on a Budget

Our 18-year-old daughter Marissa Renée is a professional portrait artist who never took a “real” art class in her life. Part of her success is sheer determination, part is remarkable talent, and part is the art experiences of her youth. To spark some ideas if your own artist is budding and your budget isn’t, I’ll … Read more

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