Talking Shapes A Talking Fingers Inc. Review

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When teaching children to read, it’s fundamentally important to teach letters and their corresponding phonograms. For many children this process is extremely repetitive, so a product like Talking Shapes from Talking Fingers, Inc. is a great resource to engage students in a fun, interactive way.

Talking Shapes is intended for preschool and kindergarten-age students who are ready to learn to read. The online interface walks children through a series of 7 stories about two sisters and how they invented the alphabet. When the entire program is complete, students will have learned all 40 phonograms in the English language.

The program was developed by noted neuropsychologist, Dr. Jeannine Herron with a research grant from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development to apply the latest brain research in creating an effective educational tool. The way that Talking Shapes introduces and reinforces the letters engages both the right and left sides of the brain, ultimately building pathways in the left brain needed for skilled reading.

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A big thank you to Becky Marie of For This Season for writing this introductory article.

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