One 2 Believe – Nativity Figurine Set

It’s that time of year – time to start planning for Christmas.  If you have children on your gift-buying list, then you should considering checking out One 2 Believe.

One 2 Believe is a company with a reputable vision – to give children lots of opportunities to learn about Jesus and Biblical character traits.  What better way to teach children than through play?

Though One 2 Believe has many toys available – you’ll want to be sure to check them all out – the TOS Homeschool Crew will be receiving the Nativity Figurine Set for review.

This particular set contains a storybook and 17 figurines.  It’s everything you need to share the Nativity story with your children.  Though I have a feeling your little ones will enjoy playing with this toy year-round, it would certainly be great fun to bring out year after year and create some new memories and traditions with your children.

  • Annmarie says: In our home and in many Christian homes it is annual traditional to put out a Nativity set for Christmas. Nativity sets are so beautiful and are often placed out of the hands of young ones. What a wonderful idea to come up with a nativity set designed with the young child in mind. One that they can touch, play with, and act out the Christmas story.
  • Lynn P. says: This is the perfect toy to give as a gift and will last for many years. My boys which are 9 and 6 fell in love with this set and are now begging for me to get them the other sets they carry. Nothing touches a mother’s heart more than hearing her children wanting to play with and learn more about the life of Jesus.
  • Dawn says: This set is kid-friendly; my kids can play with it and I don’t worry that it will break. There is a small book that tells the story of Jesus’s birth in a short and simple manner, perfect for short attention spans.

 Check out the One 2 Believe website and look at all their great toys for kids.

18 thoughts on “One 2 Believe – Nativity Figurine Set”

  1. I love this play set! Every child needs one so that they can learn and explore the Biblical stories and historical characters in figures so kid friendly!

    blessings &

    Merry Christ mas!

  2. My kids love this set. Of course, I love to see them play with a set that has a Biblical theme – like this one- than a generic set of plastic figurines.

  3. Posted about The Nativity at my wordpress site. Will try to get it posted here, too, if I don't get interrupted.

    I thought our girls would be too old to be much interested, but they're playing with the set even as I type this.

  4. WOW! I'm so happy we got to review this – what a great idea! A kid-friendly nativity to keep us focused on the reason for Christmas when Santa can just sort of take over if we're not careful. Thanks!

  5. What an honor to be a part of one2believe's bigger vision…we are having so much fun with this set, and I can't say HOW MUCH I appreciate this company's vision and dedication to our kids.Christmas shopping for nieces, nephews and friends will be very easy this year!! 😉

    Very cool!


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  6. what an awesome thing to see a company with such a noble vision. the toys are cute and my kids love the Nativity Set. check out the site for other clever "play and learn" gift ideas with the high vision of winning the "Battle for the Toybox!"

  7. Enjoying the play set. I have kids comments about this product on my blog and my kids range in age from 6-15.

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  8. Great set! My kids incorporated the Little People with the set. Now our manger scene has "Lots of people visiting Jesus on his birthday!" Kids say and do the cutest things!

  9. I am a pushover when it comes to Bible toys. This is an adorable set-check out the wisemen, especially. My kids, including a teen, enjoyed playing with them.

  10. This is my daughter's new favorite toy. She is 3 and has played with it for HOURS. My other kids have liked it also, (ages 2, 6, and 8). It is fun to watch them reenact the story over and over again.

  11. My boys really enjoy this set and we own a few other Nativity sets already. Once they all are unpacked, I can imagine a chessboard full of Nativity figures instead of half figures and half chess pieces. Creative play for boys, I suppose.

    Laura O

  12. Start your Christmas shopping at These high quality toys which teach Biblical history and truth are worth the investment and a wonderful addition to any child's toy chest.


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