All About Spelling – Curriculum Package

Does your child struggle with spelling?  Have you been searching for “just the right thing” to help him/her become a better, more confident speller?  All About Spelling is “a comprehensive spelling program based on proven strategies to teach spelling using the best and easiest method possible. It gives parents, homeschoolers, and teachers strategies that work, including:

  • Lessons with crucial concepts explained in easy-to-understand language
  • Multisensory methods for different learning opportunities
  • Effective techniques to teach both beginner and remedial spelling

The Homeschool Crew is excited to review this spelling curriculum.  100 of our reviewers will be receiving and reviewing the following:

  • All About Spelling Level 1
  • All About Spelling Level 2
  • All About Spelling Level 3
  • All About Spelling Level 4
  • Letter Tiles
  • Magnets for Letter Tiles
  • Carie S says: If you have a struggling speller, please, take a look at All About Spelling. It might be just the thing to turn your student around!
  • Kathy D says: This curriculum is great. You’ll enjoy it, and if my son is a good example of the average kid, your child will enjoy it too. I never heard a sigh or a groan when I told him it was spelling time. That is huge!
  • Sheri H says: This program has been one of my favorites to use and review.

Please be sure to check back here for the Crew’s thoughts on this innovative spelling curriculum!

20 thoughts on “All About Spelling – Curriculum Package”

  1. We have loved all about spelling so far. I am firmly planning to use it with my now-three year old to familiarize him with phonics and hopefully help him whiz through the required pre-K and K courses in our cyber school.

  2. I'm thrilled to learn about All About Spelling. We're going to be switching to it. It's a wonderful way to teach spelling and reinforce phonics to the distractible and active child.

    April E.

  3. All About Spelling is the smartest, most creative and child friendly spelling program I have ever come across in my 14 years of home education. This spelling program teaches students the intricacies of the English language through lessons filled with games and activities designed to support visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning.

  4. Tackle spelling in a cohesive manner with plenty of manipulatives, teacher resources, and support to ensure that both parent and child grasp the phonetic basis of spelling. This is an excellent program for those who wish to raise successful spellers.


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