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Salem Ridge Press is a company intent on providing wholesome books for your family.  I don’t know about you, but I have been finding it increasingly difficult to find wholesome  books for my children (and even for myself).  Even things often marked ‘Christian” and/or sold in Christian bookstores, often have content that I would prefer my children just not read about.  So, I am excited that the Crew is getting the opportunity to review some of the great books offered by Salem Ridge Press.

Salem Ridge Press has  been working on bringing back children’s books that were originally published in the 1800’s and early 1900’s.

The Crew will all be receiving Glaucia the Greek Slave and Mary Jane – Her Book.  Some families (with younger children) will also receive The American Twins of the Revolution, while other families (with older children) will receive The White Seneca.  You can learn more about these books by clicking on their direct links or by visiting Salem Ridge Press.

  • Wendy S says: Salem Ridge Press has set up a fireside time machine that allows you the opportunity to travel back in time. Would you and your family like to join their adventure? They have sought out books from the 1800’s & early 1900’s to republish. . . . These books are for all ages and will not contain any matter that you need be embarrassed about.
  • Lynn P. says: I was very pleased with these books. The children enjoyed reading them and I enjoyed reading to them.
  • Cindy says:  I can’t recommend Salem Ridge Press enough. If you care about the morals of the books your family reads, if you enjoy good literature, if you like old-fashioned values and learning about life in other times, you will love the books from Salem Ridge Press.

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  1. We loved all these books! Mary Jane reminded us a little of the Five Little Peppers, and Glaucia and The White Seneca were a little like the Henty books we've already read and enjoyed.


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