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This article is in collaboration with Media Angels.

Media Angels is a “company dedicated to serving the needs of Christian parents, students, and teachers.”   At Media Angels, you can expect to find plenty of Creation Science materials, as well as many books.

The Homeschool Review Crew has received a copy of the first book in the Truth Seekers Mystery Series by Felice Gerwitz and her 12-year-old daughter Christine – The Missing Link: FOUND.  Christine is a homeschooled student herself.  Also, because Felice is a homeschool mom and knows how we think, Literature Guides are available for these  books.

  • Susan Freeman says: After reading the book, my fourteen year old daughter commented that it was nice to read a fun book that had nothing in it that she disagreed with!

  • Jennifer@ Creative Learners says: My teenaged son, who *hates* reading has been loving this story. He could not get enough of it.

  • Julie says: The Missing Link: Found turned out to be a wonderful read that made us want to keep on reading right up to the very last page. I think it’s a great way to add an interesting bit of fun and excitement to your study of creation science or to encourage a child who just doesn’t find reading as gratifying.

Check them out for yourself!

23 thoughts on “Media Angels – The Missing Link: FOUND”

  1. I enjoyed doing this review and cooresponding with the author, Felice.

    I did my review before looking at this entry on the Crew Blog, and laughed when I came here finding that I had used the same graphics and entry at the top of mine!

    Great minds think alike? LOL.


  2. My almost 10 yo dd thought this was an exciting and informative book. We are ready to order the next in the series when it becomes available.

  3. What a fun read! My 11 year old daughter loved this book and I enjoyed reading it with her. I have always thought there needed to be a series of books starring homeschoolers and now I have found one.

  4. This is a mystery book a 15 year-old wrote which weaves evolution myths and Creation truths throughout. Nice read for a pre-teen/teen.

  5. My teens liked it! Yours will too! AND find some interesting facts along the way!! Don't MISS OUT~this is the first of three in the series…affirms homeschooling and Biblical creationism! Great information in a Great format!



  6. Not often you get to call something educational *fun* . . . unless you're a homeschool mom, of course! 😉 We enjoyed this a lot.

  7. My son just loved this book! Well, truth be told, he hasn't finished it yet. I had to snatch it from him to do my review! But, I loved the way it jumped right in, pulled him in, and held his attention. Other than a few technical issues (missed typos, a statistic error, etc.), there were no negatives. Very good book.


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