Peterson Directed Handwriting

One of the very first products that the Homeschool Crew is receiving for review is a personalized handwriting program by Peterson Directed Handwriting.  Through Peterson Directed, you can expect to receive a customized handwriting course for your child – they will tailor a program to suit your elementary child – teaching either cursive or print.

The Crew is very excited about this tailored writing course.  Each Crew member has been working directly with Rand Nelson, from Peterson Directed, to get the course that is “just right” for his/her child(ren).  I am anxious to see this program for myself and to read what the Crew thinks of it.

This is an intense program, so it may be several months before you start seeing reviews showing up here.  Be patient!  Practice makes perfect, but it also takes time!

6 thoughts on “Peterson Directed Handwriting”

  1. Handwriting practice with movement and little memory chants—-so fun and so effective for little ones. Thank you to introducing me to such a wonderful handwriting curriculum!

  2. We had mixed results with this one. I think it would work well with young students just forming their handwriting habits, or *motivated* (emphasis on motivated) students who want to improve their handwriting or change bad habits and write with fluidity, ease, and legibility.


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