On the seventh day of Christmas Giveaways . . .


On the seventh day of Christmas Giveaways, SEVEN winners will receive . . . a Winter Bundle of NaturExplorers unit studies from Shining Dawn Books!

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Who says nature study has to stop during the winter?  Enjoy three of our most popular winter studies at a great price!  (Your cooped up children with cabin fever will thank you!)

Learn more about each individual study included in the bundle by clicking the links below.  The bundle includes:


Snow and Ice

Not everyone thinks of nature study when the temperatures dip below freezing, but God has some amazing discoveries in store for you when you venture out during the winter months!

In this unit, you will train yourself to see the beauty and delicate intricacies of snow, ice and frost, as well as understand the science behind each.  Outdoor activity ideas will encourage you to explore properties of snow, ice & frost, make measurements, determine directionality, experiment with temperatures and wind chill, experiment with friction, notice plant and animal reactions, and much, much more!

Indoors, you can continue the learning while staying toasty and warm!  Experiments, demonstrations and hands-on projects will focus on such things as the properties of snow, ice, frost & crystals, why roads are salted and insulation materials.  This unit is also packed with several ideas for arts, crafts and cooking to go along with the wintery theme.

The topics don’t stop coming!  Explore snow terms, historical blizzards, winter sports, famous snowy mountains, mapping skills, snow safety and plenty more as you are prompted to complete several fun and practical projects.  All this plus 14 notebooking pages make a jam-packed 64 page unit!  Don’t let the cold months slow down your nature study!


Constant Conifers

Trees are a popular topic of nature study.  In our experience, though, most studies tend to revolve around deciduous trees, while cone-bearing trees sit quietly in the background.  Not any longer!  This unit is a jam-packed resource for learning all sorts of wonderful information about mighty conifers.

Do you know why conifers have thin, waxy leaves?  Where are their seeds housed?  Why don’t conifers produce flowers – or do they?  What’s the difference between a conifer and an evergreen?  These questions, and so many more, are answered through fun investigations.

During nature walks, you’ll complete in-depth investigations about all parts of conifers including cones, leaves, branches, sap and more.  You’ll search for evidence of insects, animals, fungi and disease, and even have the opportunity to get some hands-on math experience!

Indoors we’ll keep you busy with ideas for dissection, making models, creating graphs, making crafts, mapping forest types, researching the logging industy, writing your own stories and so much more!  Sixteen notebooking pages are included, too!

Even if you’ve completed an in-depth study of deciduous trees, there’s still a great deal to learn about the world of conifers.  Don’t miss this study!


Coping with the Cold

Coping with the Cold: How Animals Survive the Winter Season thoroughly covers the topics of adaptations, migration and hibernation through a huge selection of outdoor and indoor nature study ideas!

You’ll learn how and why animals prepare for the winter season as you make autumn observations, then learn about how various animals spend their winter days through wintery walks and warm indoor activities.

Nature times outdoors will be spent recording the busyness of animals storing food for the winter, locating possible burrows and dens, observing migration patterns, finding animal tracks in the snow and much, much more!

Indoors, complete insulation experiments, learn about adaptation rules, find out about hibernation variations, complete projects to demonstrate animal adaptations, research migration flyways  – and these name just a few of the many ideas!

As usual, choose one activity or complete a full-length unit – it’s your choice!  Fourteen notebooking pages supply you with attractive, ready-made lessons!  As colder weather approaches, don’t stop studying nature.  There’s an entire cold season of creation just waiting to be discovered!

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  1. I have to agree with the other comments about the wonders of drinking hot chocolate! I am constantly on the lookout for new and better recipes to indulge my chocolate cravings.

  2. My favorite winter activity is sitting by the fire reading books to my kiddos all snuggled up on the couch with a beautiful blanket of snow outside…and a little hot chocolate wouldn’t hurt either. 😀

    Sadly we moved back to our dreary old hometown where it doesn’t snow. I really miss the snow in the winter and all the people I left behind.

  3. My favorite inside activity is lighting a fire in the fireplace and enjoying my Christmas tree with light music and a hot cup of chai. If I am headed outside in the cold I love to go on nature hikes through the snow in the still of the morning. So peaceful!

  4. Huge Naturexplorer fans here! Although we have none of the winter ones. Kids would freak! It’ll make their momma not be such a wimp in the winter time 🙂

  5. I love to hike. Living in warm areas, summers are horrible for hiking- swarming with bugs, unbearably hot, talk about miserable. Winter is cool (or cold, which is also fine), the bugs are gone, and as long as the weather’s nice, you can usually see more wildlife, as well. Get into nature!

  6. My favorite winter activity is curling up with a good book and staying warm. 🙂 my kids love to explore outside at all times though.


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