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One of the most important skills to guarantee success in a student’s academic future is the ability to study the material they are learning. However, many times, students are just told to study rather than taught how to study. Members of the Review Crew have been using Victus Study Skills System to teach the valuable skills in 5 one hour sessions with students in their home.

The Victus Study Skills System was developed by professional educators who have seen firsthand what students of all ages need to know in order to be effective in their study.

The Victus Study Skills system takes a systematic approach to study by teaching a way of thinking how to study rather than a cookie-cutter approach to studying. This way, students learn how to approach materials in such a way that they can study any topic, in any situation, rather than trying to follow a step-by-step process that cannot necessarily be applied to everything.

Through the program, students are taught the following:

  • instruction in organization and time management
  • motivation and goal setting
  • note taking and test taking
  • reading with better comprehension and efficiency and other areas related to improving study habits and increasing learning

The Victus Study Skills System offers four different levels to meet any student’s needs. Level 1 introduces Primary (K-2/3) students to the tools necessary to be implementing positive study skills early on through teacher-guided lessons that younger students can understand. Level 4 aims to help correct any bad habits and help develop skills for Upper-Level High School and College students who can handle independently implement the skills on their own. The single Teachers Edition guide is used to each any of the four levels and can be used to teach multiple levels at the same time when used with the Teacher Supplement and Student Workbook that accompanies each level.

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A big thank you to Brenda Prince of Counting Pinecones for writing this introductory article.

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