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Welcome to the annual Not Back to School hosted by the Homeschool Review Crew. Today we are sharing about Homeschool Traditions. My interest in traditions began two decades ago. I was researching how to make Christmas special for my children.

Over the years I learned that traditions do not need to be hard work to be a family tradition. The best traditions are the ones that we fall into without much work on our behalf. Traditons are the things you do as a family every day or at particular times during the year.

For our family we have a couple of traditions:

  • Each morning we commence the day by coming together and enjoying a cup of tea together.
  • We begin each new year by attending the Victorian Not Back to School Party. We have been attending this for the past twelve years.
  • Whenever things become tense or we are struggling, we have choose to have some ice cream. It’s a fabulous positive way to diffuse a tense situation.


Thank you to Chareen @ Every Bed of Roses for writing this introductory post. You can find her on Facebook.

5 thoughts on “Homeschool Traditions ~ Not Back to School Blog Hop”

  1. I haven’t really thought of traditions as a daily part of our day, but the way it’s shared here really fits the word ‘tradition’. I’m going to steal that ice cream in struggling times tradition – we really need something like that to diffuse situations and get us back to good times! Thanks for the ideas.


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