Homeschool Must Have Resources and Supplies ~ Not Back to School Blog Hop

I love back to school season!  The smell of new pencils, books, and paper all ready to be put to use for a learning adventure! So many wonderful resources and supplies to purchase!

What resources and supplies will we need to purchase this back-to-school season? Where will we school (for those families who outsource some or all of the school day)?  What will we need?  Will masks be a school day requirement?

In addition to the resources below, we’ve put together a few different lists for you today that will help you find your footing as you kick off your homeschool journey. 

Homeschool Must Have Resources and Supplies

Five Essential Resources and Supplies for a Smooth Homeschool Year

  • Library card
    • With access to both physical and digital items, including movies, magazines, books, music, and online training services (eg, Mango languages), a library card will save you thousands of dollars over the course of your homeschooling career!
  • School area
    • For some families, this is the kitchen table.  Other families have an actual school room.  Whatever you area looks like, make sure that it’s consistent.  School in the same place daily, and have a dedicated space for storing books and school supplies.  Bonus points for having a basket specifically for library books!
  • Quiet space
    • Whether for reading quietly or for older kids to concentrate on difficult math problems, every student (and mama) needs a space where they can think…and breathe.
  • Patience
    • If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that flexibility and patience will help you stay sane.  When teaching, keeping your patience is even more important than getting the concept across the first time.  Your children won’t remember if they couldn’t get that math problem right the first ten times, but they’ll remember if you lose your cool…
    • With every subject for every student in your household covered, this family membership more than pays for itself!  Students can choose from video-based, text-based, or interactive courses and a large number of electives.  Parents can tailor students’ education perfectly to their needs, and it’s very easy to go completely digital using it with Google Classroom. 

 You’ve got this, mama!


Thank you to Yvie @ Homeschool on the Range for writing this introductory post. You can find Yvie on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

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