Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop: Last Minute Tips and Ideas to Start the Year

It’s been a packed summer of fun, excitement, and making beautiful memories. Maybe you’ve been putting off back-to-school until the very last minute. Or maybe it’s been a summer full of life changes that have turned your world upside down. Whatever the reason, if you find yourself scrambling to get the school year together, you’re … Read more

Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop: Making Memories to Start the New Year

Remember all the things you would get excited about when a new school year started? The beginning of a new school year is the perfect time for making memories that last a lifetime, but we homeschoolers have to be very intentional about creating traditions and memories. When I was a little girl, the start of … Read more

Homeschool Curriculum ~ Not Back to School Blog Hop

Living in Texas, in order to be a legitimate homeschool, you must have a curriculum that teaches grammar, reading, spelling, mathematics, and a study of good citizenship, and you must pursue that curriculum in a bona fide manner. This curriculum can be obtained from any source and can consist of books, workbooks, other written materials, … Read more

Homeschool Traditions ~ Not Back to School Blog Hop

Welcome to the annual Not Back to School hosted by the Homeschool Review Crew. Today we commence our blog hop with the topic of Homeschool Traditions. My interest in traditions began two decades ago. I was researching how to make Christmas special for my children. Over the years I learned that traditions do not need … Read more

Annual Blog Hop 5 Days of Homeschool

Mark your calendars. The Homeschool Review Crew are having their annual Homeschool 5 Day Blog Hop during the week of 17 – 21 April 2017.  The Crew are busily preparing to share their hearts and souls with you next week in hopes of encouraging and strengthening you on your home school journey.  They will be … Read more

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