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I think almost everyone has heard of Home School In The Woods History Through The Ages Timeline Figures and their Time Travelers History Studies Series. But did you know they have other wonderful resources for your homeschool needs?

They have taken the Olde World Style maps from their Record Of Time timeline notebook and expanded them into two different sets….

World Maps: Olde World Style Modern And Ancient Maps. This black and white set includes over 130maps. It will also come with a bonus of over 40 Notebooking pages!

The United States Maps: Olde World Style Modern And Historical Maps. This black and white set includes over 180 maps and comes with bonus Notebooking pages for each state!

These maps are “ beautifully hand-illustrated”. Both of these sets will help teach your student in a wonderful hands on learning experience! They will aid in teaching locations of countries, cities, landforms, rivers, and bodies of water. The maps are offered in a variety of ways. You can print them with or without labels or particular boarders. The Modern maps contain political lines and the ancient maps are presented in physical format.

Suggested grade level for these maps are : All Grades.

Visit Homeschool in the Woods for more information on this great resource!
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***Special thanks to Crew Mate Suzanne for writing this introductory article.

14 thoughts on “Home School in the Woods”

  1. These are not just Olde World maps but so much more! If you get this set, you will covered for at least a year's worth of geography…maybe more!

  2. These maps are beautiful, and it is wonderful to have them all in one convenient location. No more scouring the internet for decent maps. Can be re-used over and over, for all grades, for all your history studies.

    April E.

  3. These are awesome! Love using the US maps with the Postcard Swap we're doing, and we are actually learning a lot about the states this way! And the older versions of the US are really neat, and will help our history studies tremendously as we LOVE concrete learning.

  4. These maps are beautiful and the extras like notebooking pages, maps, geography lists, etc are really great too. LOVE this company!!

  5. Love this company and love this product! These are a great value for any Homeschool. They fit perfectly with our Tapestry of Grace studies and Charlotte Mason type of approach. We really have tended to be eclectic over the years and have found HITW to be a great resource every year.

    ~Becky@There Is Hope Blog


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