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Have you heard of Heads Up?  If you have a child with special needs (of any kind) and you’ve never heard of this company, I’d like to encourage you to check it out.  I had never heard of them either, before my time with the Homeschool Crew.  When I received their catalog in the mail the other week, I was amazed by the wide selection of fun and helpful products that they have available.

Their website says this:
“Heads Up! is a company designed to provide expert information and products for special needs children. Our items have been selected to accommodate various learning styles and strengths, regardless of curriculum used. These special needs products have been found to be especially helpful for children who are distractible or hyperactive.

Our goal is to provide materials and information for homeschooling families, occupational therapists, speech therapists, teachers, and specialists who work with children who have developmental delays, learning disabilities, or other special needs. Professionals, as well as parents and families interacting with special needs children, need materials and teaching tips that will be effective in promoting successful learning experiences while reducing frustration for children, teachers, and parents.

Special needs children such as those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) are often exceptionally creative or talented in areas not traditionally recognized in academic settings. Many such children thrive in a home school setting, yet still benefit from the use of simple special needs products that help to maximize their success…” (click here to read the rest)

The Homeschool Crew received an assortment of Heads Up exclusives:

Heads Up! Top of the Line This reading aid has a blue or yellow highlighted strip along the top to help readers “keep their place” along a line of text, graphs, or charts. Use of color has been shown to be helpful in focusing attention, so the Heads Up! Top of the Line is helpful even for proficient readers who are distractible or have difficulty maintaining visual attention for adequate periods of time. Makes a great bookmark, too! (Size 2-3/8″ by 8″)

Heads Up! Double Time This reading aid has a transparent yellow or blue strip along the top that highlights an area large enough for the reader to view two lines of most texts. A visual reminder to continue reading to the next line, the Heads Up! Double Time is also a helpful tool for proficient readers who benefit by using color to help focus attention. Makes a great bookmark, too! (Size 2-3/8″ by 8″)

Heads Up! Frame – 4 x 4 1/2 Our own creation, these frames are made of transparent colored polycarbonate with a printed frame. The large Heads Up! Frames are 4″ x 9″ rectangles. You can direct attention and focus by placing the frames over workbook pages or other written materials to be examined. The frames block in key material while the color contrast helps maintain attention. These frames are especially useful for marking the place on the page for individuals who tend to look away from the page frequently. When looking back at the page they can easily and quickly find the framed-in area. Available in the following colors: yellow, pink, blue, red, green, and orange.

Heads Up! Frame – 4 x 9 Our own creation, these frames are made of transparent colored polycarbonate with a printed frame. The small frames are 4” x 4-½” squares. These frames are useful for the child who feels overwhelmed when viewing an entire page of material; the teacher can frame in just a section of the page so that it appears more manageable to the child. Available in the following colors: yellow, pink, blue, red, green, and orange.


Heads Up! Reader The Heads Up! Reader has a highlight strip of color between two strips of grey. The highlighted section aids in visual tracking and the color helps maintain attention to printed text. The straight edges can be used to neatly underline key words or phrases. The Reader is thin and flexible, and can be used as a bookmark for added convenience. Choice of yellow, green, red, blue, orange, pink or clear.

10 thoughts on “Heads Up”

  1. My son is a lively and bouncy reader and his eyes bounce all over the page. We found these reader strips have helped him stay focused. Depending on what we are reading will depend on the color we choose. Like when we read the blue print in his reading curriculum we decide to go clear or yellow.


  2. My eldest who is a highly distractable child has enjoyed using the readers and frames. He will continue, too! This is SUCH an easy way to help him. And I am CERTAIN we've spent quite a bit of time and money already trying different approaches. THANK YOU, Heads Up Now!

  3. These were exciting! I'd made something similar for our eldest, years ago, and was thinking about making something new for youngest, and then these reading aids arrived. They're much better quality than I would have been able to make (seamless!) and only $1 each.

  4. All kids are special and this company has products which help our special kids learn a little easier. The variety is amazing.

  5. These will be a part of my bible study tools… and of course a good tool to help our early readers stay focused.

    I agree with others who recommend visiting their site. Even better, next time you go to a convention or curriculum fair. Visit their booth. the Borings are friendly, knowledgeable, and have a lot of cool products.


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