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Several members of the Homeschool Crew have been recently introduced to a reading program called Rocket Phonics. If you’ve never heard of Rocket Phonics, it may be helpful to hear the founders’ answer to the question “Why did you create Rocket Phonics?”  Here is what they have to say:

   “A big part of the answer is what happens traditionally when a child learns to read. Often, long before the child enters school, the child is eager and interested in learning to read. So the parent teaches the child letters and the sounds the letters make. Next the child is able to read phonetic words like man, or hop.
“However, soon the child sees words like one, two or of, — non-phonetic words that seem to make no sense. Some children take all these inconsistencies of English in stride and learn to read quickly and easily. They learn to read sitting on Mom’s lap; they see the words as they hear them, and they read.
“But that’s not true for lots of kids; for 60% of children, learning to read will be difficult; and for nearly 30%, it will be the most difficult skill of any task they learn throughout life. The inconsistencies of English can make learning to read a frustrating guessing game for children. Kids hate to guess and be wrong; they want consistency. Some children even do whatever they can to avoid reading altogether.”

If your child happens to fall into that 60% statistic, you may want to check out Rocket Phonics. 

Each Rocket Phonics kit comes with:
Rocket Phonics Workbook
Two sets of symbol cards
Bingo chips
Word lists for testing
Helpful teaching tips


Our Crew members will be sharing their thoughts on Rocket Phonics soon.  Be sure to check back for links to their reviews.

5 thoughts on “Rocket Phonics”

  1. The jokes and games have been the perfect motivator for my son. He is thriving with this program and WANTING to read on his own for the first time. Reading is no longer a battle, but a JOY!!!!

  2. Aidan, age 4 and currently a non-reader, says "I like it! It's a lot of fun!" Rocket Phonics multi-sensory approach to phonics education is sure to please even the youngest of students.

  3. This is what my 3 yr old calls his time in Rocket Phonics. The cover alone is enticing to him! He really likes it. He is doing well with letter recognition and knows several of the sounds they make!


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