Greek Morpheme Lessons (It’s Not Greek to Me) Ready to Teach Review

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Greek MorphemesDoes it worry you that your middle school or high school students still struggle with figuring out the meaning of words they don’t know? Do they have to turn to a dictionary or computer every time they encounter an unknown word? Children with a solid grounding in vocabulary skills seem to have an easier time with reading and comprehension across the board. However, many parents often struggle with how to teach vocabulary. Parents looking for a new way to teach vocabulary to their kids can try Greek Morphemes Lessons from Ready to Teach. Members of the Crew got to check out the program, which consists of a teacher’s manual, student book, and CD. Designed for secondary students, the Greek Morphemes book includes lessons based on over 200 Greek morphemes.

Students work through 12 lessons, studying small word parts and definitions and using their new knowledge to determine the definitions of more complex words. Lessons are designed to target different learning styles such as visual, auditory, and tactile, making it easier to students to connect with the words. The teacher’s manual includes background information on the lessons, lists of the morphemes taught, blackline masters, and tests and answer keys. Students go through the PowerPoint lesson on the CD, with a self-review after each lesson. Transparency sets help students take notes and work with words.

In the student manual, children have space to take notes, work with words, create sentences, analyze words, and make study cards. Parents can either work through the lessons with their children, or have the students follow the PowerPoint and work through the lessons on their own.

Since so many words in the English language, particularly words related to science, are based on Greek morphemes, gaining a command of the word parts can give students an advantage as they move through high school and college. The Greek Morphemes Lessons program is designed to help make it easy for parents to teach these skills to their children.

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A big thank you to Brandy of Kingdom Academy Homeschool for writing this introductory post.

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