Thick as Thieves Book Review

Thick as Thieves BookThis article is in collaboration with Circle C Milestones.

Circle C Milestones is where you can find the Circle C Ranch and Andrea Carter, a horse-loving 14-year-old girl growing up in California in the 1880s. The third book series in the life of Andi (the first two series share Andi’s ranching life as a six-year-old and as a 12-year-old), the Circle C Milestones series is aimed at children over the age of 12.

Members of the Crew were delighted to receive the first book in this new series, Thick as Thieves by Susan K. Marlow, along with its accompanying downloadable study guide. From experiencing her horse’s first foaling to dealing with difficult classmates, Andi’s experiences will resonate with many of today’s children.

The accompanying 40-page study guide contains not only vocabulary and comprehension questions, but also further explorations of the themes in the book, including the care of horses and a closer look at some of the places that Andi would have been exposed to in her late 19th century lifetime.

Thick as Thieves Book ReviewA big thank you to Laura Delgado of My (re)Viewpoint for writing this introductory post.

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