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Excelerate SPANISH is a family-friendly approach to learning to speak Spanish that is both enjoyable and effective.

The online streaming subscription gives your family access to Spanish 1 (24 lessons) and Spanish 2 (24 lessons) for a full year.  Each lesson is around 30-35 minutes.

This video based program uses recorded classroom style lessons that incorporate fun hand gestures, complete action sequences, student skits, and stories taught by Caryn Hommel – author and homeschool mom with years of experience teaching ESL.

Each lesson begins with the introduction of vocabulary.  Words are written on the white board, pronounced clearly, and the definition is given a unique gesture that is used to help the students recall the meaning.  This is part of the Total Physical Response (TPR) teaching that has shown to be a very effective tool in learning foreign languages. Students learn advanced vocabulary from the very first lesson.

This program teaches Spanish vocabulary in context with a story and questions.  New vocabulary is introduced in a logical sequence.  This helps students naturally learn the language and how to use it in real life situations.  The instructor, Caryn Hommel models the vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar usage directly to the students in a fun, lighthearted style with plenty of humor included. This gentle introduction encourages students to listen and learn Spanish without any anxiety.

Additionally, the recorded lessons use live students participating in the class to demonstrate the new Spanish words, phrases, and sentences in small, entertaining skits that they act out.  Not only does this help reinforce the new vocabulary, but it appeals to multiple learning styles.

The lessons are designed so your student can learn to speak Spanish independently.  Multiple children can participate at the same time, and parents are encouraged to learn alongside their students.

A student workbook is available to reinforce and expand the language learning from the videos.  Vocabulary review and practice (including flashcards, games and quizzes) are available for FREE on the Quizlet website.  The Excelerate SPANISH website also offers a variety of helpful links and resources you can use alongside the video lessons.

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