Math Enrichment Program Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Smartick Math.

Looking to give your child a brighter future in mathematics?  Smartick Math gives your student an individualized math plan that gives them the help they need to get through learning tougher math topics.

Smartick is the only program that combines math, reading comprehension, along with logic and reasoning.  The program has been designed to adapt to your student’s math skills and abilities. 

This unique approach allows students to gain academic confidence and maximize their learning.  The individualized AI tutor that each student develops looks at their strengths and weaknesses and not at their age or grade level.  This allows your student to strengthen and continue to improve in their math skills.  As they improve, the program evolves and continues to build on the skills they are learning.

This unique learning program only requires 15 minutes a day, and can be used with any educational and learning style.

Smartick is being used in over 100 countries around the world.  It boasts a 94% success rating with students that have used their program.

For the last several weeks, families with the Homeschool Review Crew have been using Smartick in their homes.  Make sure to check out what they say about it by clicking below.

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