Essential Skills Advantage Review

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When researching language arts curriculum, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

It seems like there are millions of options to choose from.  Some focus on sight words, others on phonics.  Then there’s grammar and reading comprehension and spelling to think about as well.  It’s enough to make you want to go get a bowl of ice cream and call it a day!

Recently, members of The Homeschool Crew were given an opportunity to review an online language arts program that takes all of these different elements and presents them in a fun and engaging way.

Learning to read can be fun!

esa_logoEssential Skills Advantage has been around for over a decade.  Until recently, this program was only used in a school setting.  Due to it’s success, there was a demand that it be made available to students in a home setting.  This new online program is geared towards children in kindergarten through 6th grade, although it is beneficial to students slightly younger or older, or those in need of a little extra practice.  Monthly memberships are now available.

Proven online learning for grades K-6!

One thing that sets Essential Skills Advantage apart from other online programs is that they think of themselves as a supplement to lessons rather than a replacement.  Through teacher tested games and activities, ESA encourages students to keep progressing through all of the lessons.

This program encourages independence and boasts minimized distractions, making it a great tool for busy homeschool families.  Parents can easily track the students progress online. A membership provides you and your child access to everything ESA has to offer. There are thousands of interactive activities!


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Essential Skills Advantage Review

A big thank you to Nicole of Journey To Josie for writing this introductory post.

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