Homeschooling When Life Happens

homeschooling when life happens

Marcy @ Ben and MeHow to Homeschool Successfully and Work from Home

As I sit down to write this post, it occurs to me that I should title it, “The Things I’m Going to Attempt to Do This Year to Homeschool and Work from Home Successfully.”

Because honestly, I’m not quite there yet.

Erin @ For Him and My Family — When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned

What do you do when homeschool and life happens? Join us as I explain how we’ve survived the past week of animals dying and ER visits while still managing to learn!

Annette @ A Net in Time — Life happens, it does indeed.

You know life happens right? Accidents, illness, weddings, deaths, it all happens and sometimes… homeschooling can make it easier, and sometimes it makes it tougher, depends sometimes on your perspective, the folks around you, and your own personal circumstances. We ALL have life happens. So how does one teach a child when a whole lot of life happens all at once, or if illness is protracted over a year or more? How does one do it?

Carol @ Home Sweet Life — What about when life happens?!

First, breathe, second, pray, third, let go. Let go of your plans and try to embrace the plans God has for you. I might have had great aspirations of finishing a 36 week course with the girls in 20 weeks. I might have had designs to clean the house, plant the garden, or even read a book, but God had other plans.

Kym @ Homeschool Coffee Break — R is for… Roll With It

Despite my best intentions to block out the school day hours and focus, there are appointments, errands, a to-do list, and emergencies big and small that make it difficult. Sometimes all we can do is “Roll with it” and make it work.

Dana @ LuvN Lambert Life — Homeschooling While Living With Epilepsy

We simply learn now – however that manages to happen. And you know what? They do learn and they absorb twice as much learning than they ever did in our structured learning days.

Brandy @ Kingdom Academy Homeschool — Schooling Through The Messes

Life Happens. We all know it. And in the midst of all the mess, it can be hard to find a way to keep moving on. This is where homeschooling gets real.

Wendy @ Simplicity Breeds Happiness — Keep it Up! 

I’ve said before that homeschooling is one of my greatest joys as a mother. I truly mean that. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not hard, especially when life gets in the way.

Alyson @ Family Style School — Homeschooling is Life

Let’s face it, life doesn’t stop just so we can homeschool.

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