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Have you ever read a book or heard stories about what students learned in the pioneer days of this country?  The breadth of knowledge they covered was astounding and the depth of the students’ understanding was simply amazing.  Thinking about it always leaves me wanting to capture those days and bring them into the learning environment for my children.
Now, we CAN!  Dollar Homeschool brings us several curriculum choices directly from those pioneer days of one-room schoolhouses.  The Ecclectic Education Series was used almost exclusively in American classrooms from roughly 1865 to 1915.  Included in this series is Ray’s Arithmetic and the McGuffey Readers along with books for History, Science and Grammar.
Dollar Homeschool has put these valuable tools on CD for easy-to-use books that you and your family will cherish and enjoy for the length of your school career.
This year, some Crew members will be reviewing Ray’s Arithmetic which is “a complete K-12 math curriculum, from counting to calculus.”  Other Crew members will be reviewing the complete Eclectic Education Series (EES), which includes Ray’s, McGuffey’s Readers, science, history, and more.  Over 100 million students were educated using this curriculum!

On the Dollar Homeschool website, they also have a video which goes into great detail about why they want to make these wonderful teaching tools available to every student.  After you check out the video and website, come on back here to see what the Crew members are saying about Ray’s Arithmetic and EES!


12 thoughts on “Dollar Homeschool / Ray's Arithmetic”

  1. After doing this program, children will know their math. Because of the many real-life word problems, they'll never ask what use math is, either.

    Annie Kate

  2. information overload! i am a simple girl with an unschooling soul, and this material was so all-inclusive that i was a bit overwhelmed when i first looked at it. It is really great stuff, though! Lots of good material.

  3. Wow, is there a lot here! I enjoyed looking through the astronomy course, it seems like something quite unique! It would be very interesting to a high schooler interested in astronomy both from a scientific and historical perspective.


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