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Last year, I shared a bit about my in-a-hurry children and how frustrated I get that they can’t (or won’t) write neatly.  I was excited to receive Barchowsky Fluent Handwriting and start using it with my children.  I definitely saw marked improvement in their writing. 

8 members of this year’s Homeschool Crew will have the opportunity to test and review various products from Barchowsky Fluent Handwriting —

Beginners' Handwriting

Beginners’ Handwriting develops gross motor skills. It introduces children to the rhythmic movement they need for a lifetime of easy, legible handwriting.

Twenty-eight, reusable, large sheets (11 x 17 inches, or 28 x 43 centimeters) come with a Teacher’s Guide. Place the sheets on an easel for maximum eye-hand coordination, or tack them to a wall. Trace and copy patterns and letters. Most sheets have simple, warmup patterns to assist lowercase letter formation. Two sheets introduce capital formations.

Let children love to learn with the pre-writing activities in the Teacher’s Guide. And yes, there are ample suggestions for using each sheet, and for teaching both right and left-handers.

BFH Fluent Handwriting Manual

Fluent Handwriting Book & CD-ROM ~ BFH gives you a complete instructional package for all ages. The manual is for reference. It has all the essential information to learn and teach the BFH method. The CD-ROM has additional help, and exemplars for lessons.


Fix It...Write

FIX IT…WRITE is for the older student or adult who needs help with legibility and/or speed.

The format is hole-punched, loose-leaf sheets with instructions, lessons and lined sheets for practice. Users are encouraged to put the sheets in a ring binder; then add all practice to that binder. Date each practice page. After a couple of weeks, review your work. You will be amazed at your progress, and motivated to continue.

Fix It…Write is in two sections. The first is for students who primarily use print-script, and need to make letters flow with legibility and speed. The other is for students who prefer conventional cursive, and have the same need for improved handwriting.

Users may wish to practice with words and sentences that relate to individual interests. Practice will be more entertaining! If working with the BFH method Barchowsky Fluent Hand, the font is recommended to create custom pages for additional practice.

 Here is what our Crew members have to say:
(you can read what last year’s Crew thought about BFH here)

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  1. Hello. Does anyone still have s copy of the BFH Manual with CD? I am looking for a copy, but cannot find it anywhere. Many thanks!


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