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factsfirst is an online math program from the publishers that you brought you Saxon Math.factsfirst was created for children to develop fluency in basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division through placements tests, lessons, review, and practice.  Arcade style games reward students upon completion of a unit.

To start, each child creates a self portrait in the Character Creator.  The image is then featured in every lesson throughout the program.

The lessons consist of five basic segments: new facts, commutative property, practice, quiz, and scoring. New facts are gradually introduced to children as they work toward mastery.  Facts are grouped into units with each lesson in a unit introducing two new facts. A child must master these facts before moving into a new unit.  Students practice over many sessions to reinforce their understanding of basic math facts in each unit.  A child will need to master these facts before beginning a new unit.  There are more than 360 activities to engage and encourage children to quickly and accurately respond to questions and advance to the next level.

An arcade featuring five games rewards children for completing a lesson. This helps to reinforce math facts and provide incentive, as well as relaxation and fun before beginning the next activity.

For parents, there is a Math Fact Matrix that provides an overview of your child’s performance on individual math facts. It is calculated based on speed, frequency, and other indicators of proficiency.

factsfirst is being distributed by Saxon, but was created by Skills Tutor, a sister company to Saxon. This program will complement any primary math program, and was not created specifically to accompany Saxon Math.

You can view more details and access demos on their website.  Crew members received a 90-day subscription.

***Special Thanks to Crew Mate Jodi for writing this post!***

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  1. My kids have enjoyed this one. This could be a helpful supplement to many people. When I signed the Linky, I accidently had both versions written, but there is only one version of factsfirst. Oops:) Definitely take time to check out the demo. You will get a good idea of the program itself.


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