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Math Tutor DVD is returning for a second voyage with the Homeschool Crew!  I must say that this was one of my favorite vendors from Year 1, simply because it helped my oldest daughter (who hates math) better understand Algebra concepts.  Jason Gibson, the man behind Math Tutor DVD, is an excellent tutor! (You can read his credentials here.)  While he is very modest, I think he’s something special – anyone who can take difficult math concepts and make them understandable and fun is pretty great in my book!

Year 2 Crew Members will be receiving a copy of the Basic Math Word Problem DVD.  Year 1 Crew Members already reviewed this DVD here.  This DVD sells for $26.99, and contains approximately 8 hours of teaching time.  It covers topics such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing whole numbers, decimals, and fractions; as well as covering percent, ratio, and proportion.  You can learn more about this DVD, and see screenshots, at the website.

In addition, all current Crew Members (which includes returning members from Year 1, and all new Year 2 members) will be receiving  the Young Minds Numbers and Counting DVD.  Young Minds is new to the product line at Math Tutor DVD.   It sells for $24.99 and is targeted at preschoolers. Young children will learn to count from 1 to 10 while listening to classical music and viewing interesting and entertaining photographs and videos.  You can view a sampler video here.

Crew Members – please sign the Mr. Linky with the name of the title that you are reviewing (or put “both” if you’re reviewing both of the above-mentioned products).  Thank you!

17 thoughts on “Math Tutor DVD”

  1. I reviewed both the Young Minds: Counting 1 to 10 DVD and also the Word Problem 2-Disc DVD.

    Thank you!

    Jessica S. @ A Mother of Action

  2. The contents of the Basic Math Word Problems DVD justified the cost. Well worth the money. We will use this dvd over and over again as well as the Young Minds counting DVD with our little ones.

  3. The Word problem one seems well thought out and thorough. May check out some of there other titles sometime that have to do with the older kids math concepts. That's where our current struggles are but if you're stuggling with word problems I think this would be of great help!

  4. We really enjoyed this product!

    I will be checking out the advanced math products from this company in the near future!


  5. LOVED the Young Minds DVD. It made me wish for young ones in the house. The word-problems DVD was thorough, but not one of my favorites.


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