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This article is a collaboration with CTCMath.

CTCMath is an online math curriculum.  This program is helping homeschoolers become confident in their math skills.  Their CTCMath Homeschool Membership has several plans available to fit every family.  Once you get a membership, you get access to all their levels of math that they offer so you can pick the grade or area where your student needs to work.  They have lessons for Kindergarten through Trigonometry.  CTCMath states that every grade from Kindergarten through 8th grade is a complete curriculum and for classes beyond 8th grade their program should be used as a supplement.

CTCMath has had so much success because of the way they teach math.  This comprehensive tutorial program features video lessons that are clearly explained and you can pause them or rewind them at any time during the lesson.

CTCMath offers over 1400 animated and narrated math lessons, interactive questions, diagnostic tests, instant feedback to students, and regular reporting to parents.  If you prefer worksheets, you can print off a worksheet instead of the interactive questions.

This program includes separate dashboards for students and parents. In the student dashboard, you can pick your lesson to work on or see the tasks the student has to complete.  In the parent dashboard, you can assign tasks (lessons) for each student, check their progress, see what they have been working on, and set up the passing grade that they need to complete each lesson.   This allows the parent to see what areas the student needs help on or where they are excelling.

CTCMath offers monthly or yearly memberships for just one student or a family plan for up to 10 students at very reasonable rates..  The yearly membership is the best value for your money and is comparable to buying a math textbook.  CTCMath does offer a free trial so that you can see what you will get before you purchase this curriculum.

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