Classical Rhetoric and Picta Dicta Reviews

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Are you looking for classical curriculum resources for your homeschool?  Did you know that Roman Roads Media specialize in classical curriculum for both home and classroom use?   Their goal is to craft courses to delight both the student and the parent.  The Homeschool Review Crew has been given the opportunity to use three of their great products over the last month and today would like to show you more about these products.

Fitting Words Classical Rhetoric (Bundle)

The goal of Fitting Words is to instruct the student in the art of classical Rhetoric (the art of using words well), equipping them with tools of communication for life.  This set has been designed for use with high school students and above. This one-year curriculum contains all you will need to teach your student the theory behind using words well, they will study great speeches and practice the skills they are learning.

The Fitting Words Bundle includes: Hardback Textbook, Student Workbook, Answer Key, Exam Pack and Video Course and can be purchased direct from Roman Roads Media.

Picta Dicta is a self-paced, integrative vocabulary course that has been designed for elementary-age students. This online course can be used on iOS, Android, PC, or Mac and has been designed so you can study Latin vocabulary anywhere and on the go. To use Picta Dicta each student will need their own separate subscription as the platform keeps track of the user’s progress and customizes the lessons and reviews according to the student’s need. Internet connection is required to use Picta Dicta and works on all major browsers except Internet Explorer. The goal of Picta Dicta is for the student to see it. Hear it. Understand it.

Picta Dicta – Natural World

Picta Dicta – Natural World teaches the English and Latin words for over 400 nouns from the natural world. The Picta Dicta software has been designed with different difficulty levels so that every child is able to work at a level which is both achievable and challenging.  This course has been designed to be used as either a stand alone course or a complementary course to any live, online or self-study Latin class and can be used on any platform.

Picta Dicta Vocabulary Builder

Picta Dicta Vocabulary Builder has been designed for use in Jr. High, high school and collage.  It has a focus on general reading vocabulary and includes verbs, adjectives, prepositions and nouns for over a thousand Latin words and concepts. Picta Dicta Vocabulary Builder has several different tracks at differing difficulty levels so that each student using it will be able to both enjoy and achieve their learning goals. It uses multi-dimensional learning providing students with a deeper understanding of words via pictures, sound, context, definition, translation and more.

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