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This article is in collaboration with Barbour Publishing.

In the month of August, the Homeschool Review Crew was given the opportunity to review two wonderful books from Barbour Publishing. These books are both from The Kingdom Files series by Matt Koceich.  Matt is a husband, father and teacher. He has written these books to help teach our children more about the Bible.

The books we received were  Who Was Jonah? and Who Was Mary, Mother of Jesus?  These Bible based biography books are for ages 8-12. They are paperback and around 100 pages in length.  Each are a unique experience that help teach children about these characters in the Bible. The art throughout each books brings the stories to life.  

Each book begins with a Fact File on the character, then goes on to tell the important stories about each person in what is titled the Action Files. After the chapters in the Action Files, each book has 10 Power-Ups to help your child go over what was taught in each chapter they read.  The books end with a sneak peek of another Kingdom File book.

Let’s talk a little about each title we were given to review.

Who is Jonah?  takes our children on a journey with Jonah. It begins with Jonah, a prophet of God, fleeing from an important job that the Lord has for him.  He is taught a very valuable lesson as he sits in the belly of a fish. This book will help show your child the importance of obeying God and how a heart can be changed through God’s love.

Who Was Mary, Mother of Jesus? take a look at the life of Jesus’ mom. We get to see what it was like for her to become the mother of our Savior.  From the announcement of her being chosen by God, to the death and resurrection of Jesus, you will get to know Mary better as you read through this amazing story of her life.

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A big thank you to Betty of  Let’s Get Real for writing this introductory article.

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